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Clothing Reuse

A partnership that's changing the way we think about clothing. 

The Portland Housing Authority has always had a long standing mission to provide and expand affordable housing and services that improve quality of life, build community, enhance safety and promote personal success for the people they serve and the neighborhoods in which they reside.


Now Portland Housing has started a new initiative to combat the textile waste that is harming Maine's environment. In partnership with Apparel Impact, PHA now hosts Apparel Impact bins at multiple PHA sites to provide their residents and the general public with the opportunity to recycle their unwanted clothing, shoes, accessories and other household textiles. This program alone has an individual goal of reducing 58 TONS of textiles from Maine landfills annually! Overall in 2022 Maine residents recycled almost 1,100 tons of textiles with Apparel Impact.  




Portland Housing Authority sites that now provide the opportunity for textile recycling:


• Community Center 66 Pembroke St. Portland, ME 

• PHA Office 14 Baxter Blvd, Portland, ME 

• Bayside 117 Anderson St. Portland, ME 

• Boyd St. (Near Cumberland Ave.) Portland, ME

• Harbor Terrace 284 Danforth St. Portland, ME 

• Franklin Towers 211 Cumberland Ave. Portland, ME 

Find out what's acceptable!

Clothing Donations
Clothing Donations
Clothing Donations
Clothing Donations
Textile Recycling
Textile Recycling
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