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Hosting a Bin

Hosting an Apparel Impact clothing recycling bin is easy and responsiblity-free. For nearly five years, Apparel Impact has been providing this service free of charge to participating companies, government agencies, colleges, schools, and other entities.


These partnerships greatly  benefit communities throughout New England. Most municipalities in the U.S. do not offer textile recycling, so making Apparel Impact's clean, sharp, well kept white bins convenient for people to use helps keep recyclable materials out of landfills and improves community support.


It's easy and hassle free to host one of Apparel Impact's clothing recycling bins at your business or commercial location. Just contact Apparel Impact to schedule your free on-site visit today!

Clothing Donations

Benefits to Hosting a Bin

Here are a few benefits that come from hosting a bin:

  • Apparel Impact Markets your Company or Organization

  • Partnering in the Effort to Reduce Landfill Waste

  • Supporting Local People and Families in Need

  • Profit Sharing Opportunities (In Select Locations / Multi-Site)

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